Wednesday, January 18, 2012

George Lucas

Ok, this is dear to my heart. George Lucas has announced that he will absolutely never, ever, make another Star Wars movie! He is tired of the criticism from all the "prequel haters." It saddens me to hear this news and see what the mighty internet has done to a great mind like Lucas.

I sure was hoping to see a Knights of the Old Republic type movie someday. I have two great ideas. (1) He could let me do these movies. I have a story line already swirling around in my tiny cranium. (2) This is far the better idea. He could let his daughter Katie Lucas make three more set in the Old Republic time line. She did an awesome job on some of the Clone Wars story lines, especially introducing Savage Opress.

George, you inspired my imagination and gave me the courage to write my book in what I consider the same style of thinking. Thank you!

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