Monday, January 2, 2012


Well as I stated few posts back I will be revealing a little about my characters' personalities and past lives. I will not however give away too much to spoil the main story or give too much away for future books.

Adam was born December 15, 1997 in the small town of Hobbs, NM or so he was raised to think. His parents, Jason and Christina Dolby, chose Hobbs because of its location. They knew as well as Mentor that with its quite demeanor and low key location, that Adam would be hidden from King Distar's agents. 

Adam was raised with the same values as other human children but somehow he knew things were different for him. Now Adam's powers never fully came to fruition until he was older but as a child certain did happen that made him wonder who he was. When Adam was 11 even unknowingly performed a miracle for a girl down the street. The little girl's cat had died from a car running over it but Adam was not fazed by the gruesome sight. He helped the young girl scoop up the dead cat and bury the her beloved pet. When Adam put the dead corpse into the ground a slimy goo crept through his hands and onto the cat but he only thought it was bodily fluids from the smashed animal. That night the little girl came knocking on Adam's door squealing with excitement. Mrs. Dolby called for Adam to come down from his room and as he the living room he was astonished to see the little girl holding the cat, but it was no longer dead. For nights he could not sleep as he wondered how this could be until finally he put it to rest years later and forgot the incident had happened.

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