Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What is Planet X about?

Well Planet X The Annunaki Wars has been out 9 months now and has received great reviews, but I still get the all important question of what is it about. I always begin with, "It's a sci-fi novel in the lines of Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica." Then I go on to tell people it has some biblical stories incorporated to explain life and god, but it's a space adventure and not a historical book.

But does that get people interested in the story? I'm beginning to think it doesn't. So I am going to elaborate more on the story and give a brief understanding of where I am taking the Planet X story.

Planet X is not solely centered around the 2012 doomsday theories everyone has heard about. A race of ancient beings that visited Earth in the past and seeded it with knowledge of math, science and writing, returns but not in good faith as before. This time there will be no teachings of new technology or of the universe in whole but only of dominance, fear, and slavery. In the book we are introduced to several characters that will drive the story further but the deep meaning of The Annunaki Wars is not about the apocalypse, but about belief. A few of the characters in the book looked to faith in a deity for guidance only to find that the invaders crushed their hopes with proclamations that they are our gods.

I won't give to much more away, but let me just say that yes my book has spiritual overtones, and will lead to a "holy war."

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